Electronic Cigarettes: Is It Safer Than Tobacco?

Ready or not, the year of electric cigarettes is here. It’s a flourishing, billion-dollar industry in just within a decade. Even the number of teens is using this device around 2011 to 2012.

E-cigarettes look similar to the real tobacco. The tip of the e-cigarette glows as you inhale and when you exhale, you puff out clouds of vapor that looks like a smoke. Inside the device, there’s a battery, the heating part and a cartridge that contains the nicotine and other liquids with flavorings.

However, the features may differ one to another and are disposable as well. Likewise, some have rechargeable battery while the other have refillable cartridges.

Are they safe?

As we all know, nicotine is addictive. If you stop using it, you may get some withdrawal symptoms including irritable, depresses or restless.

Conversely, experts believe that e-cigs may be safer than the traditional cigarettes because the main danger of tobacco is the smoke itself, while e-cigarettes don’t burn. E-cigarettes may be less harmful than tobacco but researcher have still yet know enough of the long-term effect of e-cigarette.

Many experts have debated about the health risk of an electronic cigarette. Some believe that since nicotine is addictive, it can be the doorway to drug addiction especially when the smokers are kids. Here are some reviews on electronic e-cigs.

On the other hand, some also believe that e-cigarette is beneficial for smokers, because for some smokers who had a hard time to quit smoking, they could switch to e-cigarettes which are way better than the traditional cigarettes and it is economical as well!

This switching of method may have its own danger but they are safer substitute. Some people also believe that e-cigarettes can help them quit smoking, just like nicotine gum, although researchers have not yet proven the fact.

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